Choosing Vacation Dates - Top 3 Tips

Myrtle Beach tipsTry to avoid the busiest weeks - During the busiest times of the vacation season, traffic jams are the worst, hotel reservations are the most expensive, restaurants are the most crowded, and the entire Grand Strand is more or less congested with too many people. Avoiding the most crowded weeks may help you save time, money, and enjoy a more relaxing vacation. The busiest weeks center around holidays and events, like the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, the Harley Biker and Atlantic Beach Bike Festivals, and the Sun Fun Festival to name a few. Check the Myrtle Beach area calendar of events as well as a list of the Myrtle Beach annual festivals.

Try to avoid the both the coldest and the hottest temperatures of the year - Take a peek at the chart to the right - as you can see, the hottest temperatures are July and August, and the coldest times are in December, January, and February, and possibly the most uncomfortable time to relax on the beach.

Keep in mind that there are lots of activities along the Grand Strand, which has quickly become a year-round vacation spot, that your family or group can do during even the hottest and coldest times of the year.

Check for pending adverse weather conditions - The major of the time, the Myrtle Beach area and its residents and visitors enjoy a sunny moderate climate. When planning your vacation, keep in mind that there is always a chance that Myrtle Beach may experience less-than-perfect weather. Check the forecast for the chance of rain and thunderstorms. During rainy weather it's a pretty sure bet you'll be enjoying more indoor activities than swimming in the ocean, so pack accordingly. During hurricane season, always check the tropical update on television a week or more before your vacation. There are mandatory evacuations to the east of Highway 17 during a hurricane warning, so if you plan on staying in a condo or house close the beach, more than likely you'll be asked to leave during a strong, impending hurricane.

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